Live Roulette in Australian Online Casinos

Live Roulette in Australian Online Casinos

Initially, we had land-based roulette and then evolved to RNG online roulette. Currently, we have live roulette, a perfect blend between the two that combines with modern technology to bring about an augmented roulette live experience.

Live roulette in Australia is very popular, with its nationwide appeal only rivalled by pokies. However, unlike pokies, live dealer roulette offers a more authentic experience and realistic gameplay. That’s because you get to watch the action unfold in real-time. More importantly, you can enjoy live roulette on any device from anywhere in Australia. For that reason, in this article, you’ll find the top 10 live roulette casinos in AU to help you get an untamed live roulette casino experience.

In addition, we’ll explain how live casino roulette works, how to play it, table limits, game rules, and the popular live roulette variations in AU. Read on.


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About live casino roulette

Live casino roulette shouldn’t be confused with online roulette since the latter uses the RNG software to determine game outcomes. However, with online casino live roulette, you get to see the action unfold in its entirety. As such, you won’t have to question whether it’s rigged.

Live roulette has similar rules to a regular one. The difference is that live casino roulette is streamed via a live video stream in real-time. This feature makes it an admirable game in Australia since it emulates a physical casino-like atmosphere.

And with technological advancements, you can easily play from any device, including smartphones and tablets. So, how does live roulette work? It’s pretty straightforward. The game is usually hosted through a video stream in a roulette-equipped studio. Also, live roulette games are broadcasted from actual land-based casinos. You can see people walking in the background as you play. Nonetheless, these broadcasts aren’t as common as live streams from roulette studios.

There’s a chat feature that allows players to communicate with the dealers, which makes live roulette more realistic. You’ll need a steady internet connection to get the best live casino roulette experience. Therefore, we recommend internet speeds above 3 Mbps for a smooth gambling experience.

Gameplay in live roulette

Live roulette may seem challenging, but it’s quite a simple game once you learn the basics. For example, once you load a live casino roulette game, a croupier who’ll be officiating the game will be present. Also, you’ll see a roulette wheel and a table. Notably, there are two wheel types, one with 37 pockets and the other with 38.

These wheels primarily determine the version of live roulette you’ll be playing. We’ll explain that later in this article. On the other hand, the table is standard and contains a numbered grid with all roulette bet types. Since you can’t play with physical cash, you’ll need to exchange your funds for playing chips. These virtual chips have different colours, each representing a different value.

Typical gameplay in live roulette involves the following steps:

  1. Decide the amount you’d wish to bet. Ensure your bet amount is higher than the min bet required.
  2. The next step is choosing your desired bet type. With live roulette, you can place multiple bets. To do so, click on the type of bet you want on the screen.
  3. Next, the croupier will call “No more bets,” signalling the end of the betting timeframe.
  4. The dealer will then spin the roulette wheel and drop a small ball on the spinning wheel.
  5. Depending on the outcome, you’ll receive winnings according to the paytable, or the dealer collects all losing bets.

Each round in live roulette involves the above steps.

Live roulette video

Live roulette inside bets

As it implies, these are bets in the inner part of the roulette felt/table. Typically, these bets involve wagering on specific numbers. Although you have lower winning chances when playing these bets, they offer more significant payouts than outside bets. So, these are the most common types of inside bets:

  • Straight Up

    A bet on a specific number on the felt.

  • Split

    A bet on two adjacent numbers. Place your chip on the line that divides these two numbers to place this bet.

  • Street

    It’s a bet on 3 numbers in a vertical line.

  • Corner

    A bet on 4 different numbers.

  • Line

    This is a bet on 2 adjacent Streets.

Live roulette outside bets

These bets are the opposite of inside bets in terms of their location on the table. Their payouts are generally lower, but at least you have higher winning opportunities. Also, these bets are on the outer segment of the table. That said, some examples of outside bets include:

  • Red/Black

    A bet on whether the winning number would be black or red.

  • High/Low

    A wager on high (19-36) or low (1-18) numbers. If the ball falls in either category, you win (or lose).

  • Odd/Even

    A bet on whether the outcome is an odd or even number.

  • Column

    The roulette table has three columns with the inscription “2-1” or “2 to 1” with each column having 12 numbers. So, this bet wins if the ball stops on any numeral within one of the three columns you have wagered on.

  • Dozen

    A bet encapsulating 12 numerals appearing in the order 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12.

Table limits in live roulette in Australia

Live online roulette in Australia is famous for its numerous bet types and because you can join a table with only a few bucks. Although table betting limits may vary depending on the online casino, most Australian casinos allow you to bet as low as AU$1 per round.

That allows you to play longer and maximise your winning chances, unlike many brick-and-mortar casinos that require a min bet of AU$10 or 25 per round. If you’re a high roller, live dealer roulette games can have maximum bets reaching even AU$1000 and up.

However, to get a vivid idea of the bet limits, we recommend that you take a look at different live roulette games by AU-friendly providers.

Rules of live dealer roulette

If you’re familiar with online roulette, then live casino roulette will be a breeze. That’s because the game rules are similar. If you’re a beginner at live roulette, the rules are simple. First, you’ll need to know the live roulette version you’re playing. There are three primary types, American, French, and European roulette.

However, French live roulette is very rare on the Australian market. The difference between these live roulette versions is their wheel model. Secondly, you’ll need to learn the different bets you can make; luckily, we’ve already covered that.

Also, you’ll need to master the roulette table to learn the different payout odds before commencing real money gameplay. The rules may seem overwhelming to beginners, but you can always refer to them anytime since they’re always available inside these live roulette games. Below we’ll briefly describe the main types of live roulette games in AU.

  • Live European and French roulette

    Live European roulette is the most popular roulette variation in AU. This version uses a wheel with 37 pockets with a single zero (0), which is the main difference between American and European live roulette. The single zero means that live European roulette has a lower house edge of 2.7%, making it the best version to play on our top 10 AU casinos list.

    Therefore, the lower house edge means this version will pay out a bit higher than its American live roulette counterpart. Notably, European and French live roulette are strikingly similar in their rules and wheel version. The difference is that French live roulette has additional rules, the La Partage and En Prison rules. 

  • Live American roulette

    Unlike live European roulette, the American live roulette has a different wheel. Its wheel has two zeros, a single (0) and a double (00) zero. So, instead of having 37 pockets, the American wheel has 38 pockets. Consequently, that means the odds of winning at American live roulette are lower than its European counterpart.

    In addition, American live roulette has an astonishingly high house edge of 5.26%. Its table is also slightly different from the rest. Although it pays out less due to the high house edge, it’s still an excellent game, but AU players tend to lean towards the European version that offers better winning odds.

Popular providers of live casino roulette

While online casinos enjoy much praise for the exquisite live casino roulette games, this is iGaming software providers that make it all possible. These software providers are responsible for making live online roulette in Australia so popular, with their nifty technology offering players a fully immersive and life-like live dealer roulette experience.

The most popular roulette live casino game studios in the gambling world include Evolution, Playtech, LuckyStreak, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Visionary iGaming, etc. However, many of the big names like Playtech and Evolution aren’t present on the AU market. Below we’ll briefly review the live dealer roulette games offered by some of the available software providers in AU.

  • LuckyStreak

    LuckyStreak roulette in Australian casinos

    LuckyStreak is a relatively young publisher, but nothing about its live dealer roulette game is young. It uses the European wheel model with 37 pockets. The game’s interface is smooth with sleek graphics and a unique deep blue-coloured table.

    The game rules are similar to live European roulette, and it offers the traditional inside/outside bets plus additional special Call bets. These special bets, such as Neighbour bets, Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, and Le Tiers du Cylinder, allow you to bet on a wheel segment rather than the table.

    The min bet limit is AU$1 and goes up to AU$12,500. In addition, LuckyStreak live roulette has a chat feature that allows you to converse with charming dealers. Also, the game has a game history section that showcases statistics of the hot and cold numbers of the previous rounds. The gameplay is worth it with superb video quality and a multi-view camera that adds excitement as you watch the ball bounce in and out of wheel pockets.

  • Visionary iGamin

    Visionary iGaming roulette in Australian casinos

    Visionary iGaming offers AU players both live American and European roulette. These variations use HTML5 technology, which means you can play it on virtually all devices, including mobile phones. The gameplay is smooth with standard roulette rules applied.

    The betting range starts at AU$1, extending to over AU$4000. Also, there’s a game history feature that allows you to view the latest winning number, hot/cold numbers, etc. The multiple camera angles and chat box bring the casino-like experience to life. The stream is seamless, and the croupiers are professional and heartwarming.

  • Pragmatic Play

    Pragmatic Play roulette in Australian casinos

    Pragmatic Play is an acclaimed iGaming software provider with a reputation for crafting high-end, immersive, and captivating casino games. As such, its live dealer roulette variation is breathtaking. It features the European wheel model with 37 pockets, meaning the game’s house edge is low.

    The game’s dealers are professional and have mastered the craft of hosting live roulette. Multiple camera angles zoom on the ball as it stops on a particular number, adding more appeal. Also, the game has the standard inside/outside bet types with the addition of more complex bets like Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, and Le Tiers du Cylinder.

    The game history element lets players view past winning numbers and bets from previous rounds. Its multi-platform compatibility allows gameplay from all devices and operating systems. The bet limits range between AU$1 to AU$5000.

Live roulette RTP by provider

✅ Vivo Gaming Live European Roulette 97.30%
✅ LuckyStreak Live Roulette 97.30%
✅ Visionary iGaming Live European Roulette 97.30%
✅ Visionary iGaming Live American Roulette 94.74%
✅ Vivo Gaming Live American Roulette 94.74%


Live dealer roulette is an exciting game that brings the actual casino-like experience to your home. It’s a pretty straightforward game, even for beginners. It has quick-to-understand rules and plenty of bet types. And with the ability to place multiple bets in one round, you can maximise your winning chances in online casino live roulette.

In addition, it has low betting limits, making live roulette in Australia a fan-favourite. You’ll find playing live casino roulette elementary with our easy-to-understand steps. For the best odds, we recommend playing live European roulette. Choose any casino from our top 10 list for exemplary real money live dealer roulette wagering.

Live roulette FAQ

1️⃣ What is live dealer roulette?

Live dealer roulette is like online roulette, but it's streamed via a video and hosted by real-life dealers. It gives players the feeling of playing in a physical casino.

2️⃣ Is live roulette rigged?

No. Players watch the game unfold in real-time, proving there's no foul play anywhere. Since you can't be too sure, we recommend playing at our top 10 list live dealer roulette casinos.

3️⃣ Can I win real money in live roulette?

Yes. Live roulette has some of the best odds, and with versions like live European roulette having a low house edge, you stand to win considerable amounts of money. However, getting a bonus in live roulette is a rarity.

4️⃣ What are bet limits in live roulette?

Live roulette bet limits favour every type of player, high or low roller. As such, you can bet with as low as AU$1 per round to maximums of over AU$1000 depending on the casino.

5️⃣ Can I play live roulette for free?

No. There's no free-play version of live roulette since the game is streamed in real-time. Nonetheless, you can join a table and watch other players bet while learning the game's rules, paytable, and so on.

6️⃣ What live roulette providers are available in Australia?

You can play roulette live casino games from prominent providers like Visionary iGaming, Pragmatic Play, and LuckyStreak, to name a few. However, many top live roulette providers like Evolution and Playtech aren't present in Australia.